The Shadow Grove Library is a constantly-growing universe of diverse worlds, interesting characters, engaging stories, intense battles, complicated plotlines, way too much drama, and much much more!

You’re a teenage girl named Madeleine, and you just arrived to stay at your mysterious aunt’s school for the summer. Things are not always what they seem and it’s up to you to discover what secrets your family has been hiding.

Play as James, an office worker who discovers just how immersive an MMORPG can get.

Recovering from a mysterious event, you try to make sense of what happened and why it happened to you…

After a long day at work, you’re so exhausted you end up hiding in the storage closet, but it seems like you aren’t the only one who thought this would make a good hiding place…

Play as Emcee. A young orc moving into a new town.

You are Laini, a young woman struggling and hoping for some good news.

Follow along as Ander leaves his home, only to find another…

You play as Emma, a young woman trying to help one of her roommates with their relationship drama.

Play as Shinobu, a boy living a quiet life in the mountains.

Play as Charlie, an orphan skilled on the new holographic gaming console… the TekBox.

…and many more to come!